Dark Tomb - Gorriah Attack

Warring factions have been vying for control across Aldrathia and many see Gorriah as its center of power.

Lorgon, the evil land serpent, has been terrorizing the city's inhabitants since the defeat of his nephew Sargon in the battles of Aurelian. His relentless attacks have caused Gorriahns to flee from the city in droves, seeking refuge in the surrounding hills.

Between assaults, Lorgon retires to a reclusive abandoned island that no other soul has dared to visit in centuries due to its infamous gigantic flesh-eating Bloodthorn flora.

The time has come to put an end to Lorgon’s destruction. You must first travel to the South Docks to commandeer a ship worthy of sailing rough waters.

Dark Tomb - South Docks

Then set sail down the treacherous Shadow River and pray you survive its turbulent currents and insidious aquatic inhabitants.

Dark Tomb - Shadow River

After setting course on the open sea, you’ll land on the beaches of Bloodthorn Island and set out to challenge Lorgon face-to-face.

Dark Tomb - Bloodthorn Island