Dark Tomb - City of Gorriah

The sun has not risen over the city of Gorriah in a decade. Pestilence runs rampant and rations have dwindled to mere scraps.

Deep below the city’s surface lies the dark and cursed Crypts of Aurelian, where the most evil and destructive creatures have been laid to rest.

Dark Tomb - Crypts of Aurelian

Some believe that the city’s hard luck truly began almost 200 years ago with the entombment of Oram, the most insidious and vicious executioner of his era.

There are rumors that he was buried with the Amulet of Fire, a magical object so powerful it is not safe in the hands of any mortal. Nevertheless, the only hope for Gorriah is to search out Oram’s burial site and reclaim the amulet -- if indeed it actually exists -- to bring light back to a broken land.