Dark Tomb - Aldrich Portrait


Aldrich is an eleventh-generation swordmaster from the elite Castille family of Larianta. His great-grandmother Erlina was perhaps the most skilled and feared broadsword wielder in a millenia. The intricate, family-developed techniques have been passed on through the generations to Aldrich, who himself has become a feared and triumphant warrior.

He possesses keen tactical acumen, analyzing combat situations and strategizing with precision, strengths that famously helped him lead scores of warriors to victory in the Battle of Thronholm. From the front lines, he effectively fended off droves of giant Hydravultues for nine straight days without rest.

On the battlefield, his broadsword moves and parries with grace and agility. Though Aldrich prefers a face-to-face fight, he also hides a pair of perfectly balanced daggers in an ankle sheath, ready to be drawn at a moment’s notice and slung at distances with immense accuracy.

Aldrich embodies the ideals of honor, strength, and unwavering determination. As he carves his path of fame through Aldrathia, he inspires future generations of warriors to rise to greatness.