Dark Tomb - Forge Portrait


Forge is one of the last known Quordonians in Aldrathea. Those of his ancestors who were not driven from the mainland in the Sarcreathen wars remained secluded for centuries in the western forest region.

Forge ventured out the forestlands at the age of seventeen and now resides in a small village on the outskirts of Gorriah, associating with but a tight-knit group of acquaintances.

He has spent the last two decades digging graves for the fallen, throughout the darkest times of Gorriah. Although he has never enlisted in a specific regimen or sect, Forge always rises to action when malevolent forces pose a threat to the region.

Forge moves slowly, but once his opponents are within reach they realize the immense power of his spiked mace. What Forge lacks in pinpoint accuracy he makes up for with brute strength. His pocket is filled with throwing stones that most warriors could hardly lift.

Forge has great control over his fighting abilities, but has been known to lose himself on occasion and rage into a frantic charge. It’s rarely a successful tactic, but on the occasion that it works, the resulting destruction comparable to none other.