Dark Tomb - Helias Portrait


One of the most enigmatic figures in this city, Helias weaves through the dark and unforgiving streets of Gorriah like a shadow. Her lithe movements allow her to blend seamlessly with the night, and slip past even the most vigilant of guards, leaving no trace of her presence...save for the chaos that follows in her wake.

At the age of seven, Helias escaped from the treacherous Incondera orphanage and quickly learned to rely on her instincts of stealth and subterfuge. Pilfering food to survive quickly expanded to obtaining other necessities and, ultimately, to the pursuit of riches and armaments.

Dark Tomb - City of Gorriah Street

As years passed and her reputation grew, powerful figures and clandestine organizations alike have sought Helias’ services. The coveted jewels of Frinn Castle are no longer the authentic originals, due to a seamless transfer of which the owners to this day are none the wiser.

Helias has fine-tuned the art of close-quarters combat with her trusted scimitar, striking with lethal precision to swiftly and efficiently dispatch her foes. Also wielding a set of ornate poison darts, with a flick of her wrist she can take out adversaries and escape before the body even hits the ground.