Dark Tomb - Linara Portrait


Linara hails from the Neweastern province of Riscena. Her calm and confident presence instills an immediate sense of leadership and trust to those around her.

As the youngest of eleven siblings, Linara learned to defend herself at an early age, and to this day she is ready to prove her strength and abilities at the slightest provocation. Although her family line is known for its advanced broadsword skills, Linara never abandoned the smaller blades that were bequeathed to her as a child.

Her mastery over dual shortswords, combined with lightning fast reflexes, formulate a powerfully swift attack that catches opponents completely off-guard. Brandishing complete ambidexterity, Linara is capable of attacking multiple aggressors simultaneously with her unique double-slash. In a pinch she'll dive rapidly at an opponent, her blade reaching far beyond expectations.

Linara also carries an ankle sheath packed with finely sharpened spikes that she slings with pinpoint accuracy.