Dark Tomb - Oden Portrait


Ever since darkness engulfed Gorriah, a stalwart figure known as Oden has served as a beacon of divine light. Clad in arcane leather armor and wielding his trusted battleaxe, Oden projects an imposing presence, guided by his unwavering faith and a close connection to nature. He leads by example, inspiring his allies to persevere and hold steadfast to their beliefs.

Trained in the sacred ways of Zarnith, at a young age he learned to harness the energies that coursed through his veins. Oden's journeys have found him in dangerous lands, confronting wicked beasts and defending himself from dark sorceries. Drawing upon the powers of nature, he heals wounds and attacks with mighty bolts of energy.

After the long and treacherous Battle of Thronholm, in which Oden was said to have saved over one hundred and sixty warriors, he set out on a life-long quest to explore undiscovered elemental properties, creating his own branch of Zarnith study.

Always on his person, Oden’s battleaxe has become a symbol of his holy might, the two together serving as an instrument of both salvation and retribution.