Dark Tomb - Von Klay Portrait


It is believed that Von Klay traveled to Gorriah with his family from an unknown land far beyond the reaches of Aldrathia – however, this may just be hearsay, as is much of the lore surrounding the cryptic figure.

Some claim that his parents practiced an ancient form of dark magic created by a long-defunct secret society known as Gnarde Ezkrill.

What is most definitively known is that Von Klay stems from considerable wealth but lives an elusive and austere existence, constantly moving from inn to inn, never spending more than a week in any location.

He can be spotted moving swiftly and quietly through the streets in the latest hours of the night, sliding from shadow to shadow, always with a jet black raven on his shoulder. There are reports of him engaging in lengthy one-sided conversations with the avian creature, which is trained to attack on command and can even travel short distances to retrieve items.

The unique class of magic Von Klay practices allows him to attack foes with nothing more than a fixed glare. Gorriahns nod cautiously in passing, knowing full well not to make eye contact with him on the street.