Dark Tomb - Zann Portrait


Zann was raised in the notorious Order of Flankquin Archers and was presented with her Marevial bow when she was but three days old. Through focused daily study and relentless training sessions, Zann became one of the most skilled archers in the Order by the time she was fourteen.

Zann has a profoundly synergistic connection to nature. She spends most months of the year living beneath the forest canopy without shelter or gear, sleeping comfortably in the open air and hunting for her every meal.

Zann can identify any species of flora or fauna at a glance and has always harbored a secret desire to one day view the famed flesh-eating Bloodthorn plants that only grow on a remote island off of the eastern coast of Aldrathia.

Her extraordinary ability to guide arrows in mid-air is one that hasn't been witnessed in a close to a century. Zann carries no other means of attack and will skillfully pull an arrow from her quiver and manually jab it at opponents when confronted in close quarters.

Zann has also learned to transform various growth she harvests from the forest into an effective healing potion, and she has developed an ultra-lightweight but extremely protective garb that allows her to move quickly through almost any terrain.