Dark Tomb - Oram Portrait


One of the most vicious executioners of his era, Oram was a powerful dark wizard who struck fear into the hearts of all who heard his name. He reveled in the torment and suffering he inflicted upon his victims.

Roughly two hundred years ago, Oram's reign of terror came to an end when a coalition of brave warriors defeated him at the Battle of Vhrain. In an act of retribution–and caution–he was interred within the Crypts of Aurelian.

Dark Tomb - Oram's Tomb

Now, the underground tomb serves as Oram's eternal prison. Bound by powerful enchantments, he is condemned to wander the depths in perpetual unrest. The Crypt's eerie silence is broken only by the occasional echo of Oram's malevolent laughter.

Rumors persist that Oram was entombed with a powerful artifact known as the Amulet of Fire, a mystical object of immense power. Legends speak of its ability to harness and control light itself, making it too dangerous to be entrusted to any mortal being.