Dark Tomb - Sargon Portrait


At a young three hundred and twenty-two years old, Sargon comes from a long line of land serpents that have terrorized Gorriah and its surrounding villages.

Born from the primordial darkness, Sargon’s power has been growing with each passing year. Twisted by malevolence, Sargon dominates the labyrinthine passages of the Catacombs, relentlessly hunting intruders.

The colossal land-serpent, with scales bright as fire, coils within its lair, biding its time to unleash devastation upon its prey. Its monstrous jaw, lined with rows of razor-sharp, dagger-like teeth, can attack multiple opponents in a single lash. With a reputation for infallible accuracy, Sargon rarely misses an attack, its venomous fangs injecting paralyzing toxins into its victims.