The following only pertains to the very first printing of Crypts of Aurelian – marked with SKU KG-DT001.

Some adjustments have been made for subsequent printings in order to provide better balance and interchangeablity with future Dark Tomb releases. Please keep in mind the original printing is and will contintue to be fully playable as-is. Playing with the following adjustments is completely optional and a matter of choice.


"Chambers" are now "Stages".

• Seismic Event on roll of 19-20
• Quarterstaff attacks with +5
• Gust of Fire attacks with +1
• Bolt Strike attacks with +0
• Scimtar attacks with +2
• Poison Dart attacks with +3
• Broadsword attacks with +1
• Dagger Sling attacks with +4
• Henchman attacks with +4
• Mummy attacks with +1
• Dragon does 1 damage on hit
• Oram attacks with +1
• Oram armor is 10
• Oram HP white dots on 3,6,9,12


Downloadable PDF includes the twelve cards that feature updated values.

PDF: Letter Size | A4 Paper Size