Dark Tomb - City of Gorriah

The sun hasn’t risen over the city of Gorriah in over a decade. Pestilence runs rampant and rations have dwindled to mere scraps. Deep below the city surface lies the dark and cursed Tomb of Aurelian, where the most evil and destructive of creatures have been laid to rest. The only hope for Gorriah is to search out Orom, one of the most insidious and vicious executioners of his era, and reclaim the powerful Amulet of Fire to bring light back to the land.

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• Pocket-size tin
• Tray insert
• Gameplay rulebook
• Custom d20 die
• 24 Game cubes
• 4 Character cards
• 8 Action cards
• 8 Monster cards
• 15 Item cards
• 15 Map tile cards
• 2 Reference cards
• 3 Chamber intro cards
• 3 Chamber completion cards


Created by Andy Bergmann
Artwork by Andy Bergmann and Daniel Rubio
Playtesters - Victor Aldridge and Adam Wilson